Re: 1937 120 Conv. Sedan - Blanche

Posted by TxGoat On 2024/5/7 21:00:21
Caution is the key. Make any packing nut adjustments with coolant in the system. I'd observe for evidence of a leak after adjusting, and if you still have a leak, I'd try another 1/4 turn. The nut does not need to be tight. If your engine is in running condition, I'd run it a few minutes after adjusting the packing nut, then look for any leakage. NEVER run the engine without coolant unless you remove the fan belt. Doing so is very likely to damage the pump seal. You may be able to use a small mirror to get a better idea of exactly what is leaking. Wipe everything dry with a soft clean cloth, then wait a while and then look for any new leakage. Good bright light is always helpful when looking for leaks.

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