Re: 1937 120 Conv. Sedan - Blanche

Posted by 37Blanche On 2024/5/11 14:39:42
So I am about ready to get Blanche in the road.

Finished up the running boards and trim.

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Got my speedo back from Pat at Bills Speedometer.
So I was able to finish up the dash. Looks real nice. Chrome is shining! Started with the new hand throttle from Flackmaster. I had to get the others chromed to match!

I have 2 things that I am still working on.
1. Getting my turn signal to work with the LED lights. I went back to the regular bulbs while o research a bit more. Working with Gene at YnZ. All working ok with the standard bulb set up.

2. Gas gauge is not registering. I grounded it yesterday but still not recognizing volume. When I turn the key gauge pegs hard below empty. When I turn it off it returns to empty. I had to adjust the sending unit because it did not fit the tank. I may end up getting a new sending unit as Don did and get the 115.

My goal was to get her running in time for my daughter’s graduation and I did it! My mom wants to drive to the the ceremony.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wives out there!


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