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Posted by 37Blanche On 2024/5/14 11:41:14
Ok. I dropped the tank to go back to the beginning of install
1. Removed the sending unit to test
2. I tested Ohms on sender 0-33 and gauge 32. So these are the same range which is good.
3. Tries different gauge wires for the ground no change.
4. Cleaned up the posts in the back of the gauge. What I noticed where some letters.

Not sure if these mean anything or not.

If you zoom in and look above the post on the right I see letters IGN. This is the right post.

I have the sending unit connected to this post per the instructions.

Do we think the ING is stamped to sho it is the ignition switch side?
Is it marked to show this should be the post connected to the ignition switch?

If the latter it would be reverse of the instructions.

Gene at YnZ said I should switch them if the posts were marked but did not know what the mark would be?

So it may be a stretch but that is where I am at.

Not sure if there is potential damage if I were to reverse the wires in a trial and error?

I think this was Dons original thought?

Thoughts appreciated as always!!
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