Re: 1937 120 Conv. Sedan - Blanche

Posted by 37Blanche On 2024/5/14 14:07:49
V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!!!!!!! That was for sure a test of my patience. I thought I was going crazy a couple of times with that one.

OK, so it was a reversal of wires. I spoke with Gene at YnZ and talk to him about the IGN over the right bolt. He said yes, that indicates that is where the #6 wire goes (from the ignition) and the sending unit goes to the other. His instructions did say the reverse, but as he said that was not the first time they were incorrect.

So. 2 things left before she comes off the blocks.

1. Finish up gluing down the weather striping on the convertible top.
2. Front left turn signal needs a new wire, as the original had a cold solder.


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