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Posted by Karl On 2024/2/26 13:17:19
The propeller shaft looked like the landing gear parts described previously. The posterior universal joint was in very, very bad condition. It wouldn't have been enough for more than 1000 ml. What was even more amazing was that the front universal joint was completely free of play and in perfect condition. Based on my previous experience with original spare parts or replica parts, I immediately looked for a practical, “modern” solution. Since I wanted to preserve the original look as much as possible, I had to find a universal joint that would fit under the bell that is part of the original joint. The problem was that the outer part of the old joint is also the connecting flange to the differential. I found a universal joint that was both structurally strong enough yet small enough to fit under the bell. It was the joint of a Jaguar XJ6 from the 80s. But this one was missing the flange to connect to the differential. I recreated the flange on my lathe. The four strong screws with the fine thread of the Jaguar unit held the flange securely. In addition, both the flange and the thread of the screws were additionally secured with Loctite metal adhesive. I bridged the additional distance between the bell and the flange with an aluminum spacer ring. This solved the problem with a relatively modern universal joint and visually it came very close to the original. I don't think it will need to be replaced again in the coming years given the expected mileage. The cardan shaft sliding piece was welded to the old shaft using an automatic welding machine by a specialist company after adapting/shortening the old shaft.


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