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Posted by Karl On 2024/3/15 12:12:57
The steering box (groove type… before worm type) was in good condition. It would have been even better if someone hadn't installed the ball bearing for the worm type gearbox, probably to eliminate steering play, instead of the tapered roller bearing that belongs to the groove type, which does not allow any play if it is adjusted accordingly.

The manual transmission offered the biggest surprise and showed some serious mistakes that only a layman could make when attempting to repair drive components. If this transmission had been on the road under full load for a longer period of time after this “repair”, it would probably have broken down into its individual parts.
In any case, this is a good example of why I have only bought vehicles in unrestored condition for many years and then usually completely rebuilt them. I didn't even try to put components such as the engine, gearbox, rear axle or brake system into operation without dismantling and checking them. The same applies to the electrical system. It makes so little sense to restore an automobile with a lot of time and money if there is a risk that the whole thing will eventually burst into flames due to brittle wiring harnesses.
After I disassembled the transmission it became apparent that one of the most important components was simply not there. Someone forgot... I can't think of another reason... to install the most important needle bearing between the main front driving shaft and the counter shaft (first and reversing gear). In addition, the adjustment unit for the axial play, which is installed in front of the needle bearing, was also missing. I discovered that the car was still drivable during a short test drive before I bought the car. The only noticeable reason was that the gearbox couldn't be downshifted. The fact that the car could be driven and shifted was due to the fact that the front driving shaft was mounted in a “wide” double ball bearing in the gearbox housing. This gave the shaft so much axial stability that the opposite end of the shaft, even though it was not supported, did not swing out of the axis so much that the gears still meshed. Higher speed and load would certainly have changed that. I had the needle bearing rebuilt here in Germany after PI members told me the length. The two dimensions for the inside and outside diameter resulted from the diameter of the drive shaft diameter and the inside diameter of the countershaft. I recreated the missing adjustment unit for the axial play of the drive shaft. This was possible because a helpful member of this PI forum sent me a sketch and photo. I'm ashamed to say that unfortunately I no longer know his name because I lost the email. But I believe the email came from somewhere in Northern Europe. Sweden... Norway... Finland??? In any case, thank you very much for that. The sketch and photo were very precise and helpful and it was easy to recreate the parts.
In addition, the shift shaft locking plug and the associated springs, which prevent one of the shift forks from engaging the gears independently when the transmission is running (since they are not blocked), were also missing.
All ball bearings were standard sizes and were replaced. As can be seen, the teeth are in good condition and show no significant signs of wear. This means that the transmission can now do its job for a longer period of time.


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