Re: 1924 Sport 136

Posted by Guscha On 2024/3/17 9:06:53
...some serious mistakes that only a layman could make ...

Karl, I'm not sure if only laypeople do this. I have often seen something like this in Eastern Europe. Self-made jacks, compressors with fire extinguishers as pressure bodies, widened open-end wrenches, self-forged tools, cars that consisted of three other cars, soldered-on filaments, self-cut gaskets, run-of-the-mill screws with recut threads, potato capacitors etc. etc.
There are situations where the lack determines the direction. I'm thinking of roadside repairs on a winter night when driving home for Christmas, repairs in the village blacksmith shop in the 1950s, a godforsaken chicken farm in Alaska. Sometimes it's a time crunch, when you have the birthday presents in the trunk or a vacation trip after a hasty departure to a neighboring country with a poorly developed service network.
While all of this is just mind games, one thing I know for sure is that real amateurs don't touch gearboxes (and if they did, a tow truck would be needed afterwards).
But please don't get me wrong, dear Karl, I am a great admirer of your craftsmanship.

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