Re: Peterson's 1940 Packard

Posted by West Peterson on 2010/2/3 15:52:12
Thanks, Don
My dad has not been without a Packard since 1957, when he bought a very nice original and nice running 1941 LeBaron sport brougham for $75. At the time, his other "Classic" was a 1934 Bugatti Stelvio cabriolet that he bought the year before in Paris for $300. A perfectly good running car that he drove all around Europe, shipped to Philly, then drove to Minnesota.

On my car, mostly what needed (needs) to be done is mechanical nuisance-type stuff... front-end rebuilding, generator, radiator, shocks, etc. The worst thing physically is that the right front fender has a pretty sizeable dent in it due to the former owner backing into it with his 1929 Packard. Then, last fall, I had trouble seeing the garage door opening and made it even worse.

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