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Posted by West Peterson on 2010/2/3 16:35:19
The first thing I wanted to do was change ALL fluids. While up on the hoist, we quickly noticed that the king pins were in need of being replaced, the tie rod ends were a bit loose, and the center steering link was "frozed." This center steering link has a zerk fitting on it, but because Packard was forced to hire a full force of non-Packard trained "technicians" during the war, this point RARELY got greased because no one knew about it. Thus, most are frozen.

Also, in our attempt to remove the oil pan, we noticed that the front engine mount had "sagged" so much, it made it impossible to access the bolts on the front of the pan. In order to "see" what was on the bottom of the pan, we stuck a long welding rod through the oil plug and scraped the bottom of the pan the best we could. It "sounded" very good. In other words, there didn't seem to be a huge amount of sludge on the button, and the rod came out relatively clean.

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