What are these Project Blogs?

Posted by BigKev on 2007/1/18 15:52:54
Packard Owners can use this forum to create a Single thread for themselves to track the progress of their Packard Restoration or Project. This makes it easy for people to keep track of how your project is coming along without having to look through 700 different threads.

To keep this orderly lets try to follow some simple guidelines for this forum:

1) Name your thread something meaningful (IE BigKev's 1954 Clipper, Rick's 1929 645, etc)

2) Please keep everything about the progress of your project contained to that same thread (as that is purpose of this forum).

3) Ask the general questions is the other Forums (Pre War, Post War, V8 etc).

4) Other people are allowed to ask questions and comment about your Project. So please play the good host.

5) And most important... ENJOY!

As always comments, questions, and suggestions about this forum are always welcome.

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