Re: BigKev's 1954 Packard Clipper Deluxe Sedan

Posted by BigKev On 2007/6/17 20:28:57
Well I am about 90% done with prepping the engine for paint. I removed the throttle linkage so I could gain access to the back of the head for rust removal.

Here are the current pics. I just have a little grease in the bottom ribs areas where I can't get a die grinder in there. I will have to get in there with a screw driver. The engine here has been given a coat of Jasco prep and primer. Which is basically a rust convertor. This was needed to neutalize the rust that the wire brush could not get out of the tight spaces and cast grain. The black and white blotches on the block are from the rust convertor doing its job. You can also set the white residue on the frame, that is from the Jasco.

I will make one more pass with the wire brush after the Jasco is completely dry, and then wipe the entire engine down with thinner. Then it should be ready for paint.

In the pics you can also see the 288 head that is on my 327 block. I guess the 288 heads do not have the Thunderbolt stamping on them.

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