Re: BigKev's 1954 Packard Clipper Deluxe Sedan

Posted by BigKev on 2007/2/10 22:55:23
Well I figured it was time to update my project blog:

The PI Swap Meet ended up being a sucessful treasure hunt for my '54 Clipper Project. I was able to pickup a Carb rebuild kit for my Carter WGD 2102S. The kit was $50 and is made by Daytona Products. It looks to be a pretty complete kit.

I also found 4 rims off of the same '53 Clipper for less than the price of buying one of them from a part house. My car had two 15" rims and two 14" rims when I got it. This now gives me a 15" spare tire, and also 1 extra rim. The 14" will find a good home somewhere. I just need to buy 2 more 15" tires now. I have to buy two 15" tires and two 14" tires when I moved the car here from the old house. But before I do that I will take they 4 new rims and get them sandblasted and painted. Once that is done then I will worry about the tires.

I also found a new bumper guard cross bar. The one that came with the car was pretty dented. The entire grille on my car was bad when I got it. It looked like some kids had kicked it in while it was stored for so many years outside. I found a complete good grille shortly after I bought the car, but I still needed that cross-bar. So I was glad to find this for only $30.

I also picked up a brand-new reproduction battery retainer that was sold by the San Deigo PI chapter. My car came with the classic Billy Bob n' Cooter bungee cord retainer.

My tax return check came in today, so I was off to Sears to buy me a real compressor for the garage. I wanted something that would be powerful enough to run most shop tools without a problem, and also not rattle my wifes dishes off the wall in the kitchen when running. Also since my house was built in the mid 50's the electrical in the garage is not what one would call optimal. So this compressor had the best features, electrical requirements (115 15amp), and was in my price range. ... ical=TOOL&pid=00919541000

It also got great reviews from people that have bought it. While it may not be a good choice to use for media blasting, I think it will work for most other home shop tasks. I went to the store and looked at all the models, and the old-timer that has worked at this Sears for 20+ years recommended this one. He let me plug all the different compressor in and run them, and this was by far the quietest and smoothest running. The compressor is actually made by Devilbliss, but rebadged as a Craftsman product. Porter Cable also has a model that is very similar that is also made by Devilbliss. The salesman confided in me to stay away from the red craftsmen compressors. He said that while they work, and are usually cheaper, then are not of the same quality as the black craftsmen compressors. The online reviews seam to support that. I bought the compressor, but it was not in stock, so they had to order it for me. It will be in next week. I also like this design as it will fit under the workbench that runs the length of the wall in my garage. The upright style would have created a space problem in the garage. Also this compressor is 240 convertible once I get the A/C in the garage updated.

Finally I will be able to get some real work done in the garage!!!

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