Re: The Duchess Project: 1940 Super 8 Convertible Sedan

Posted by Joe Santana on 2021/1/24 10:40:17
When the problem didn't go away, and with advice from above (posts), I ordered a parts kit and new floats from Daytona.
I rebuilt this Stromberg 10 years ago, but screwed up somewhere and used the old Carter I had, so in 2018 I sent it to Daytona for rebuild. I really blydon't trust my rebuilding, but I was so frustrating to have the car die at a traffic light and be hard to restart, I was desperate.
I dismounted the carb again, opened it up and replaced the easy stuff:
19-Pump Piston Assembly
12- Float Lever Pin
13-Float Assembly
14-17 Needle and Seat, hanger etc
Setting the float height was the biggest challenge, at the time, since there is no instruction on how to do it. The float itself was $50 and a bit fragile. I was not anxious to bend and break it trying to make it level with the float chamber bottom at the correct height.
Finally I held it with the snip nose pliers and bent it.
I remounted the carb and voila! No more dying and flooding.

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