Re: The Duchess Project: 1940 Super 8 Convertible Sedan

Posted by Joe Santana on 2022/5/20 17:07:49
At this point, West and Don, I'm pretty happy. My tank arrived tonight. I'm excited, but I going to tackle the installation tomorrow morning, maybe after a cruise and coffee in Bethesda.

They did send a 37 Plymouth tank intended for a guy in Hawaii which arrived here yesterday, but bottabing bottaboom the 37-40 Packard 8 correct tank arrived tonight. It looks great, no?

I'll syphon and filter my existing gas into 2 new 5-gal cans, then drain the rest with a short 2-gal that fits under the car.

I'm really glad I invested in those long stainless T-bolts. Besides not corroding, they are long enough to make it easy to attach the straps and cinch up.

Five holes are correct for this tank so my sending unit should transfer over. My current tank is a bit misshapen and only holds 18 gal, I may have to bend the arm on the float down after I measure depth of the 2 tanks. I'm tempted, once the tank is out, to cut an access hole in the floor of the trunk and make a cover.

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