Re: The Duchess Project: 1940 Super 8 Convertible Sedan

Posted by Joe Santana on 2022/5/21 19:50:20
FUEL TANK: Usually it takes me 4 times to get it right, but this time it only took once, but all day.

High marks on the '37-'38-'39-'40 Packard 8-cylinder fuel tank FU-1101. Everything is correct. Same size drain and threads as original. Same gas gauge sending unit holes and threads as original. Same spout. It fit like a glove and looks so good powder-coated..

I couldn't find where the grounding should be for the gauge. On my old tank I had scraped the lower rear of the tank where the strap holds it and jammed a flattened piece of copper against it with the other end jammed behind a rear frame bolt. I was not going to file the new tank. The manual just tells you the tank must be grounded for the gauge to work.

I made a grounding wire and ran it from one of the sending unit mounting screws to a self-threading metal screw in the center rear frame. That worked, or it's getting grounded some other way because the gauge worked when I filled it with gas.

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