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Posted by HH56 On 2023/1/5 16:54:46
I agree with Kev on the use of sockets but the problem I have with prewired sockets is wires are often too small a gauge for the load I want and the colors are usually not what will match already existing wiring. There are some bare unwired sockets available where you can add your own size and color wire but not that easily found and for a novice, not all that easy to wire with larger gauge wire and not having proper crimping tools. For that reason, I did not show using a socket.

I often use quick disconnect terminals instead of sockets but some of the terminals are bulky and hard to fit in a confined space. Depending on space available, I alway either use a fully insulated terminal or a regular terminal but if a regular, add a piece of heat shrink over the terminal to cover the bare portion of the terminal and some of the insulation.

Regarding the addition of a relay to take some load off the ign switch here is a way to do it using one 6v relay and a distribution block that will accommodate accessories tha are already fused or those that have no fuse at all. This is a modern block not sized for the SFE type fuses Packard used. It will need modern AGC or 3AG type fuses for any size other than 20 amps. You can get wire, terminals and probably heat shrink tubing at almost any parts store. The quick disconnects will need to be .250 in size and for the ring terminals, those sized for a #10 stud should work on any place I can think of that would have the needed power.

In addition to stud size considerations, note that in the drawing I only show one color terminal which would be the yellow used with 12ga wire. I would suggest using that wire gauge for the power into the relay and out to the distribution block as it matches what Packard used for supply to the ign switch. On the ground and wire to activate the relay coil 16 ga is more than adequate and that gauge would need red or blue terminals. You can make a small neat loom by cutting the wires to the length needed between where you mount the relay and distribution block and the points where you pick up the power and switching terminals. Note that switched terminals on Packard ign switches are labeled GA, on most others, ACC. You can look at a wire diagram to see what other terminals than the ign sw might have a more easy to reach location.

As I said, I use heat shrink over the bare portion of the terminals but if you do not have any you can just wrap tape around as was done on your other relay. Just make sure you use something.

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