Re: jrbuzz's 1949 Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan

Posted by HH56 On 2016/10/9 13:12:19
On the shift lever, slide the rubber boot back on the lever a bit. Under the boot is a pin in a pivot housing which I believe is held by a cotter key on the bottom. Remove the key and pin will lift out of the pivot. The lever will pull straight out but the ball at the end of the lever is in a pocket at the end of the shift rod. I don't remember if the pocket gets the spring pressure against the rod but if it does it may take a slight tug.

The wiper knob pulls off. Under the knob is a nut holding the switch. Once the nut is off, the switch pushes back. There is minimal clearance between the shroud and the steering column so it may take some wiggling or angling to get the switch shaft to clear the hole before it can slide down the shroud.

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