Re: jrbuzz's 1949 Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan

Posted by J.R. Buzzell On 2010/10/29 8:59:10
Thanks for being interested, Barrie! Your car is very similar to mine, I see. I won't be removing any large pieces of the body, just chrome. The whole car will be painted at one time. The engine is 100% original (except for the battery, of course) and still has what's left of the original paint on the block. It runs like a dream and starts up just as easy, too. I will be getting a quote either before or after winter for paint. I think the last person who tried to re-paint it really did an awful job. It looks like spray paint right on top of the original paint! Thanks again for your interest! I'll keep you and everyone else posted on the restoration. Nothing has really happened in the past couple of days, though.

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