Re: jrbuzz's 1949 Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan

Posted by J.R. Buzzell On 2011/2/9 16:47:14
I have completely gutted the whole interior of the car. The seats only had seat covers stapled on top of the original upholstery. I removed the covers to reveal not too awful seats. The driver's seat is the worst, with a few large tears in it. The back seat is in very good condition, however, with only a few very minor holes and cigar burns. After I took the covers off I put the back seats in the car again, just to see how they looked and felt. It was very comfortable really. The body underneath the carpet is ROCK SOLID. There is no rust WHATSOEVER! I was also wondering, if you look at the fourth picture, there is a tag. I don't know what it is, that one was under the front bench seat. All of the seats had one, though, even the backs. Thanks!

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