Re: jrbuzz's 1949 Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan

Posted by ScottG On 2011/3/4 20:50:22
Great blog. I look forward to following your progress.

Count me in with the no seatbelts crowd. The best part of these cars is the chance they offer to temporarily slip into another era. AM-static humming through warm sounding tubes, the thump of skinny tires along the highway, wind rushing through over-sized interior vents on a hot summer afternoon and the risk inherent to a seatbelt-less car are all part of the experience. On a quiet country road it can almost be like a time machine. Keep it original, drive safely and have fun!

One other thought...I would think all that dust in the headliner is probably decaying cloth/insulating materials and road dirt. Not that smoking doesn't leave a total mess but in a car this old I would think it's only a small part of the "dust" equation. Doesn't really matter, though, as it will be free of any dirt (inside or out) when you're all finished.

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