Re: jrbuzz's 1949 Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan

Posted by J.R. Buzzell On 2011/3/16 15:01:55
I just took the back of the front seat's upholstry off today. Upon removing the cover from the seat, I saw a bunch of numbers and letters. The pictures below show them, please ask if you can't see tham clearly. I know MOD2362 is the model number (Deluxe Eight Tourer) and CODE 69 is obviously trim code 69, as we have discussed here before. The other codes I do not know, if you can decipher it, please do. There is also a picture of two other odd codes on the back. The one picture is clear enough, but the picture with the wierd scribble is just that, in case anyone was wondering. Thanks everybody!

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