Re: JD's 1949 Custom Speedometer Dilemma

Posted by JD in KC On 2012/6/29 16:27:10
Well, this just keeps getting better. I have a chance to get a speedometer that works... but the odometer/trip meter may not work. I decided to test my speedometer to ensure that I have a valid working odometer/trip meter. I used a drill which I set for reverse (remove) and started it spinning. There was no action on the odometer/trip meter whatsoever. I then proceeded to fully disassemble the speedometer and pulled out the worm/transition gear. Apparently what I thought was an over zealous application of graphite was actually a pile of metal filings and grease. The worm gear is shot. This means the only 'good' parts from my existing speedometer are the mileage wheels, one gear and the reset cable (except the knurled knob flung itself across the garage and is now in hiding).

It's 102 outside so I think I'll just open a cold beer and not think about speedometers for a while

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