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Posted by JD in KC On 2012/7/16 15:37:06
I think I've located a speedometer that has the MPH, Odometer, and Trip Odometer working. I'll report back when I get it.

I should have labeled this thread "JD's Garage" but who knew I'd end up with 3 Packards. My current short term goal is to get the '49 road worthy. I've fixed the lack of brakes and have started checking out the engine. The plugs were obviously pretty old and the electrodes were very black and sooty (running too rich I assume). I replaced the plugs (AC M8). The carburetor needed a re-build so I "borrowed" a re-built carburetor from the '41 and installed it. I just got the engine running for about a minute when the fuel pump let go and started squirting gas on the floor (the '49 does not have a backup electric fuel pump). I pulled the fuel pump and "borrowed" the fuel pump from the '41. It turned out to be in similar shape so... I sent both pumps off to Arthur Gould and ordered a 3rd pump to hold as a spare.

While I was waiting for the pumps to come back, I re-built the '49 carburetor with a kit from Daytona. Yesterday, I installed the re-built carburetor and fuel pump. The engine starts right up but the idle is rough. I'll attach a vacuum gauge tomorrow and see if I can get an optimum
adjustment of the idle screws. I haven't even looked at the distributor, points or timing yet. I will have to drain the oil (which I assume got a dose of gasoline when the pump failed), drop the pan to remove the sludge from the bottom and the pick-up screen. I am determined to get the '49 to at least one local show this year even if I have to get out and push it!

Ah well, one thing at a time.

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