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Posted by JD in KC On 2012/7/25 23:12:58
Back to the '49 speedometer issue. I received my replacement speedometer. I pulled the gears and cleaned out the petrified whatever that was originally used as a lubricant. I can't get over how different the internals are when compared to the speedometer I took out of the car. The parts manual shows 2 part numbers for 48-50 and I'm sure the two numbers represent the presence/absence of the trip odometer. I thought maybe that one of the speedometers used internals from an earlier or later model but then I saw that both speedometer cases had a 1948 manufacture date stamped on it. Maybe just the internals were swapped out?

I wonder if the supplier (King-Seeley) can change the way they manufacture a part without Packard having to change their part number as long as the complete unit installs without any differences. Few (if any) internal parts will exchange. The odometer reset cable is several inches longer on the replacement speedometer and is sealed to the case with a rubber grommet while the speedometer I removed uses a felt washer as a seal.

Next I need to re-paint the pointer with fluorescent paint and replace the broken speedometer cable with a generic. But not 'till the garage cools down (9:30PM it was still 100 outside).

The speedometer on the left is the replacement for the one on the right. They are really different.

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