Re: JD's 1941 180 Limousine

Posted by JD in KC On 2010/11/7 18:57:11
I applied 6 volts to the pump motor 'up' terminal and ... nothing. 6 volts to the down terminal... nothing. I figured the pump was probably stuck so I removed the pump. Applied the juice, up, down, nothing. Time for a little persuasion. Using a crescent wrench I gently coaxed the motor to turn. It turned reluctantly. I liberally doused the bearing end with 20 weight oil. It turned much easier. I re-applied the power and off it went both forwards and reverse. I doubt the motor has seen oil in 60+ years. Its location under the car in the path of mud and water can't help much.

Next I tackled the pump. The gears were totally stuck with rust and petrified brake fluid. The hydroscopic nature of brake fluid was pretty obvious. I dropped the pump into a can of paint thinner for a couple of hours. After much fussing the gears finally moved. I removed the gears and cleaned them up as best I could. Cleaned out the pump body and re-assembled the motor/pump. Applied power and it works.

So... looks like I'm staying with 6 volt and can look forward to replacing what amounts to a second set of metal brake lines just to open/close the windows. I'm assuming that the hydraulic lines are in the same condition as the interior of the pump which would be pretty clogged.

Tomorrow I'll paint the now clean motor/pump, bag it and shelve it 'till it's needed. Might drop by NAPA and see how much it's going to cost to have new flexible hoses made up using the old ones for models. These are the hoses that connect the motor/pump to the fluid storage tank and the hard lines to the windows. Also going to need two '0' gauge 5' cables to replace the patched-up originals.

We're havin' some fun now!

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