Re: JD's 1941 180 Limousine

Posted by HH56 On 2010/11/17 10:57:55
A nice find. Amazing what gets stashed and forgotten.

Would be surprised if the cylinders still held without leaking, but believe Hydro-e-Lectric at one time had repro cylinders and inline solenoids for the prewars. They haven't advertised them recently so not sure if still available--although they do say call if you don't see an item listed. I believe I saw an ad some time back with Kanter listing some as well.

Linear actuators do have appeal for the simplicity of no fluid running around. Unless you are going to add AC though, cost of 12v conversion & designing the control circuitry and then machining whatever is needed to make things work might be more than replacing the cylinders since you have the rest of the system. No idea how plentiful Lincoln or Chrysler components might be either but whatever you choose, will be following the progress.

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