Re: JD's 1941 180 Limousine

Posted by JD in KC On 2010/11/29 23:18:59
OK, the out-of-country guests are back home and I have made a decision on repairing the corroded shaft. I met with the foreman of a local machine shop who examined the shaft and recommended that the corroded area be built back up and re-finished to the original 1/2" diameter. There is a considerable amount of metal missing and some of the pits are still pretty deep so that pretty much eliminated the possibility of polishing it smooth or using a Redi/Speedi-Sleeve with any degree of success.

It's not the cheapest solution but hopefully the best. I'll take some more pictures when I get it back from the shop. I had also considered another solution... I have an extra Auto-Lite starter motor that appears to have the same armature as the pump motor, just a much longer shaft with the Bendix gear assembly on the end. I considered removing the Bendix gear and having the shaft cut down to fit the motor/pump assembly but that solution would destroy a perfectly good starter motor.

Tomorrow: I'm going to tear down a window cylinder to see if there is any possibility of 'restoring' one. With pictures of course.


34PackardRoadsta wrote:
...what a better way to entertain your out-of-country guests than a trip to Napa! Of course, they might be expecting wine...


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