Re: JD's 1941 180 Limousine

Posted by JD in KC On 2010/12/2 23:14:18

HH56 wrote:
...maybe the cylinder places will sell just a boot...

Yep. Called Hydro this AM and they do sell the boots separately.

Today I pulled the cylinder from the passenger side door in the chauffeurs compartment and it was not as nice as the driver side. It is marginal but I think it will be usable. Next I pulled the door panel off the drivers side passenger compartment and ... no cylinder. This door has the only closed window on the car and I had assumed that it was the only cylinder holding pressure. Wrong. The window lift mechanism has had the spring removed and a drywall screw put through it to secure the window in an up position. Real classy.

Tomorrow the last door and the divider... I suspect they will be cylinder-less also. On the bright side, I have two or maybe three cylinders that can be re-used. Buying two or three new cylinders is better than having to buy five.

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