Re: JD's 1941 180 Limousine

Posted by Guscha On 2011/8/13 9:51:04
I see and now the scales fell from my eyes as you already mentioned: "...and in reverse direction will produce a vacuum of 15 to 18 inches of mercury...". I obviously intermingled yours and Howard's then explanations.
Is a contactor installed in your car that changes the direction of pump rotation?

...There are two solenoids, one for up and one for down...

Dave, could you be so kind to expand on. All of the so far shown cylinders in the potpourri of at least two different systems seem to work in-line (see #1 at the pic). Such kind of solenoid valves (#2) I don't know. Are they interconnected to work in-line? The other solenoid switches (#3) are akin to the Soviet devices.
The two cylinders on the right-hand side looking like post-war production.

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