Re: JD's 1941 180 Limousine

Posted by HH56 On 2011/8/13 11:23:02
The one with the tube is mechanically interlocked so the pump can't get signals to go both directions at once. I can't see for sure if the green one has extra terminals but it does not seem to have any at the end of one solenoid. I would guess it is similar to the 41 version electrically. That had an extra relay in the circuit to the second solenoid which opened it's contacts and prevented the second solenoid from operating at the same time. The 42 version had a set of contacts in the end of one of the solenoids to open when that one was on and prevent the second solenoid from energizing. If you have not already downloaded the 1940 service letter, that gives a mechanical description of how the Packard system operated. Electrical schematics are scattered in different places.

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