Re: Portlandon's 1955 400

Posted by portlandon On 2008/5/9 13:53:58
Hello Drake,

Nice to find another packard-bro locally!
I guess we need to start a local packard club called the "mossy back Packard club" or maybe "Damp & Wet Packard club".

I took a look at the pics of your packard. It looks pretty nice. I sympathize with your comment on working on your project between the raindrops,hale,snowflakes and occasional Sun. I have friends in the great white north (British Columbia Canada) who can't even work on their cars without a blowtorch & an ice pick! I suddenly don't feel so terrible about cold hale going down my neck

Have you found any local wrecking yards with any packards? All american classics in Vancouver has anything you would want for any car ever EXCEPT Packards. Its frustrating.

Maybe we'll be at a show some day with our packards, look forward to seeing your car progress on your forum link.

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