Re: How Many Left?

Posted by acolds On 2015/8/28 23:13:19
The serial on 57 and 58 Studebaker built Packard Clippers and Hawks will only tell you the number of the car in order of build. The number on firewall under hood will tell you body style 58L-K9 is Packard Hawk (121 inch wheelbase). 58L-Y8 4door sedan (121 inch wheelbase) ,58L-J8 2 door hardtop (116 inch wheelbase)58L-P8 4 door station wagon (116 inch wheelbase)
The 1957 57L-Y8 4 door sedan (121 inch wheelbase) 57L-P10 4 door station wagon (116 inch wheelbase)
To get more information send for build sheet which will give you trim and color info and engine serial number and build date. Hope this helps the original color was on paper tag on underside bottom of glove compartment may still be there mine is.
Turning Wheels January 1988 Vol.20 No. ! has article with lots of information on these cars.

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