Re: Is it just me, or are there a fair number of '57-'58 Packards out there?

Posted by Eric Boyle On 2009/2/12 2:18:00
GTO you stated that Packard bought Studebaker, I must be misinformed. I thought it was the other way around. Which is correct? With the last article I read the way the stocks split up, it looked as though Studebaker was the majority share holder, please advise, thanks

I got into one hell of an argument at a car show with a guy who claimed just this, that Studebaker bought Packard. When I told him to bring his documented proof the next day to the show, he just scoffed at me and started to walk away. That's when my notorious smart mouth popped off and I said "That's what I thought, another know it all that doesn't know $hit". Never seen him again!

The guy's around me were on the ground laughing so hard they were crying!

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