Re: Is it just me, or are there a fair number of '57-'58 Packards out there?

Posted by PackardV8 On 2009/2/12 10:01:00
I've had similar experiences at general car shows ESPECIALY from Packard owners who show up. The problem is that the name was changed to SP not PS. So many think that Studebaker took over Packard.

Some grey haired old fart at a general antique car meet and driving a less than professional looking restored 51 or 52 jr looked over at my 56 Exec. and remarked "oh that's a Studebaker". I'm sure he knew better. I replied in some manner the same way Eric replied and walked away.

Of course many will consider this an "attitude" problem. THe worse thing that can happen is to let the "experts" get away with painting pictures the way THEY want it to look for THEIR own agenda.

Noone is sending me any paychecks to paint the sisteen chapel or carve any staues of david the way they want it look. I doubt that anyone is sending Eric any similar paychecks either.

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