Re: Is it just me, or are there a fair number of '57-'58 Packards out there?

Posted by Gerard O'Keefe On 2009/2/12 16:38:41
Packard58wagon asks about the purchase of Studebaker by Packard.In the book "Packard, a history of the Motor car and the company" published by Automobile Quarterly and edited by Beverly Rae Kimes on page 575 "But the Studebaker-Packard combination was no merger, inspite of the repeated use of that designation by automotive Historians and Publications.In an agreement dated June 22nd, the terms stated:Packard desires to purchase and Studebaker desires to sell... all the property and assets of Studebaker, including its name, business and good will, in exchange soley for shares of Packard voting stock an assumption by Packard of substantially all liabilities of Studebaker"

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