Re: Is it just me, or are there a fair number of '57-'58 Packards out there?

Posted by 58L8134 On 2009/10/23 12:24:21

Even without hard number to verify my opinion, I'll still go out on the limb. Yes, for a car of such relatively low production, the survival rate seems to be unusually high.

This is a good thing in my view. Fortunately, owners over the years have been reluctant to junk these cars, knowing they are among the "last Packards" whatever their pedigree.

When new, measured as a percentage of competitive models, and the overall market totals, these cars were just a handful of sand on a big beach!

The good survival rate somewhat guarantees that ocassionally, in the sea of popular collector cars at shows, a real rarity in the '57 Clipper will show to relieve the monotony!


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