Auction - '57-'58 Packards - 7-15-2017, Norwalk, OH

Posted by 58L8134 On 2017/2/2 13:15:25

Very advanced notice, this auction in Norwalk, Ohio, July 15, 2017 includes four or five South Bend Packards, maybe more, many Studebakers and other makes:


In the photos mixed in are both '57 and '58 station wagons, a black '58 one of the three regular body styles and two '58 Packard Hawks. There is possibly a '58 hardtop and a '57 Clipper town sedan as well.

Of the Detroit Packards, only a 23rd Series Eight sedan, Henney ambulance and a '55 or '56 400 hardtop appears, there may be others I missed.

This is posted now to give those interested time enough to plan.


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