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Posted by HH56 On 2017/7/2 22:15:57

spfan wrote:
Hi Guys, hoping to find some info. I have an 1957 Clipper sedan that seems to be hesitateing, possibly for fuel issues. Two questions; #1 does this car have a fuel filter and where is it? #2 Does this sound like it may be a fuel pump issue? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



The parts manual shows the filter for the model 57L Clipper without supercharger is located on the bottom of the fuel pump. A supercharged engine uses a different pump and the detail on that pump makes it hard to tell if a filter is in the same location but it probably is.

It appears to be a typical ceramic element type used by most mfgs of the time and those can clog or varnish up. Be advised you will probably need a new gasket when you remove the glass bowl to access the filter. I have no idea if the element is the same size as Detroit built Packards used since those are in a different assembly. The Packard elements are small and can be a bit hard to come by so if you cannot clean yours satisfactorily by using compressed air and a soak in carb cleaner or lacquer thinner you may need another. Possibly since it is Studebaker, there is enough call that a local parts store would carry or could get them but you may also need to go to one of the Studebaker vendors to obtain a gasket and filter.

With the symptoms, it could be the fuel pump, a clogged filter or, there is also about a 6" long rubber flex hose between the metal fuel line and the fuel pump. On the earlier Packard built cars those hoses can get hard and crack the internal lining restricting fuel flow. Some of the ingredients in modern gasoline additives can also cause old rubber in pumps and hoses to deteriorate.

If the air cleaner is dirty that can cause the carb to run rich and result in some drivability issues.

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