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Posted by HH56 on 2017/7/11 9:39:34
As long as cleaning the upper filter seems to have fixed the problem I would let the lower one wait until some time the car is at the mechanic for something else. It would be a good idea to obtain a new fiber washer and cork (probably) bowl gasket in the meantime to have them available for that time or just in case it does act up again.

IMO, access in the car is not that easy and to do a visual inspection and decent job the pump almost needs to come out and be on a workbench. Depending on the pump style, there could be two screening methods. Some pumps use an ordinary fine mesh screen as shown in this illustration and other pumps have a series of stacked plates held together with thumb nuts. That assy consists of maybe 2 dozen thin stamped brass plates stacked in such a way there are tiny gaps between the plates. The gaps act as the straining mechanism. To clean that one the plates need to be disassembled, cleaned and then positioned and restacked being careful not to bend any of them.

Viewing and accessing either assy with the pump in the car would be tedious. In addition, there is a gasket -- most likely cork -- which will probably be stuck to the bowl or casting and damaged when the lower bowl is removed. You would need to see that all the remnants of the old gasket were completely removed before a new one would seal properly. A fiber washer that is around the large bolt holding the steel bowl to the pump casting completes the seal.

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