Re: fuel filter

Posted by Brenda on 2017/7/11 22:27:14
That certainly isn't something I want to do. The previous owner said he had the fuel pump rebuilt before the car set for seven and a half years. It runs beautifully now. I siphoned all the gas out and I put in Lucas Fuel Treatment and it runs beautifully starts on the first crank in the morning and purrs like a kitten all day. I hope the screen is clean. I'm concerned about my generator more than anything. He said it's never been rebuilt and my lights are dim. The horn makes a small sound even after I put in a new horn relay and cleaned all the connections. It looks to me like the gas tank is grounded but I'll let the electrician who's going to rebuild the generator tell me. What I'm most concerned of is the oil leak. It's coming from the oil line from the oil filter canister into the block. It's hard to get to and appears to be tightened though I don't want to tighten it too much but it does leak oil

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