Re: Are 57 and 58 Packards really Packards

Posted by Packard53 On 2009/1/14 20:58:16
GTO: The question you have asked has been asked several thousand's of times by Packard people all over the world since Packard went out of business.

My answer to your question is that at onetime I thought the 57 and 58 Packard's were just Studebakers. However over the years I have changed my thoughts on this and now consider them REAL PACKARDS.

I think that they are certainly a better looking automobile than the 57 and 58 Studebaker with the exception of the Hawk.

Some of the old time Packard people out there still think that any Packard produced after WWII wasn't a real Packard.

John F. Shireman

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