Re: Are 57 and 58 Packards really Packards

Posted by acolds On 2009/1/14 23:53:39
My feeling is they were made by Studebaker-Packard corp sold by Packard Dealers. Registered and licensed as Packard's at least in the commonwealth of Pa. They were sold as Packard's and bought as Packard's.
The reason any car company ceased to make any model was that the public did not buy them.
I bought mine because as 13 year old I liked the looks of the tail lights and the dual rear antennas. I have always been attracted to the underdog cars. Packard, Studebaker, Hudson, Henry J, Desoto, Nash guess I have the ability to like losers.
As my old boss use to say the company makes what ever they build to make money no profit no company.

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