Re: Are 57 and 58 Packards really Packards

Posted by kens53clip On 2009/8/1 10:43:46
I personally like the 1957 Packards because they incorporated so many of the Packard hallmarks, the oxbow grille, the beautiful 56 Clipper taillights, the chrome side strips, a miniature 56 dashboard. Only wish they had used the hexagons on the hubcaps. The Studebaker V-8 was pretty good. Plus it was supercharged. No, it wasn't a luxury car, but to be truthful, most of the cars Packard made postwar were not. May be one of the best cars built in South Bend. We've got a 58 Studebaker Champion (minus engine) for sale near by. Like the looks. Same basic body as the Packards. Wish I could buy it. But I've got enough on my plate as is.
Ken Dunning

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