Re: Are 57 and 58 Packards really Packards

Posted by Predictor On 2009/9/7 13:34:13
I would say to the detractors who don't consider the 55-56 as real Packards to consider that these were the first cars in many many years which Packard actually built the bodies for (in regular production). Except for some of that "goddamn Senior stuff" (free cookie to whoever can name the person who said that) Packard's bodies were built by Briggs for the longest time, duh.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not deriding the Briggs built cars, just that some people need a different perspective on their criticisms sometimes.

As for the '57-'58 cars, I like them for what they are, but don't really consider them Packards in the sense that they're just skin jobs and don't share any engineering. Instead of Clipper perhaps they should've called them Cimarrons!

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