Re: Are 57 and 58 Packards really Packards

Posted by Predictor On 2009/9/7 15:02:40

acolds wrote:
A fact often overlooked is that the 57 were designed or modified by the same man who changed the 51 Packard into the 1955-56. He was in charge of making the Studebaker into a clipper if you look at these car closely you can see that he did a wonderful job in a three month time frame with very limited funds. On the engineering front don't forget the Twin Traction.

I understood that the '57-58 cars were designed by Duncan Macrae (sp?) who was a Stude designer and had penned the R series trucks. He used the Clipper taillights, horn button (on a Stude steering wheel) and Senior car instruments. He really did a great job with almost no budget or time to do it in!

TT was developed and built by Dana and AFAIK Packard had no input into the design.

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