Re: Are 57 and 58 Packards really Packards

Posted by Predictor On 2009/9/7 15:08:32

dadoc wrote:
With regard to post 28..I believe it was George Christopher who refered to the *^(%$$$# seniors. I would love to read some detailed thoughts as to how Packard...the real Packard could have been saved. Yes it would be conjecture, but it might be interesting. Of course, I have my own ideas...

Do apply some reasonable thoughts to this.

Yep, Georgie boy was the one who said that and I think it clearly illustrates his GM mass production mentality. Too bad the board of directors didn't replace him with someone after WWII who was more in tune with Packard's philosophy.

I believe that George Mason was about the only person in the industry in a position of import who clearly understood the postwar market conditions that would prevail, namely that the number of manufacturers would contract and that in order to survive several of them would have to combine to pool resources. Packard could not have survived in the long term with their relatively minuscule production as the cost of R&D to keep competitive would've priced the cars out of range. Either they would've had to shrink to Rolls Royce production levels or expanded their offerings into the mid price and with another brand, lower price ranges (which is what Christopher wanted but at the expense of Packard's prestige).

I was going to say "don't get me started" but I guess it's too late! LOL

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