Re: Are 57 and 58 Packards really Packards

Posted by Predictor On 2009/9/7 17:51:51
The aborted 1957 Packards were designed by him...and therein may lay the confusion. Am pretty darn sure the Packabakers were penned by Duncan Macrae, I know for a fact he was the one who cooked up the Packard Hawk.

As an aside (not that anyone cares), I much prefer the 57's over the 58's as they are a far cleaner design and don't have the off the scale "gorp" factor (to use one of Dick's phrases) which the 58's possess...those double stacked taillights and googly eye quad headlights...egads! Looks like the star one of those typical 50's exploitation movies centered around mutations due to radioactive exposure LOL

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