Re: 57 Clipper - Break Issue

Posted by r1lark on 2020/7/13 17:06:31
May I ask a question? This is sort of a followup to HH56's response in post #2. Is the bleeding being done exactly per the shop manual? The shop manual is very specific about several things. First, the power brake unit and the Hill Holder (if equipped) must be bled first before bleeding the wheel cylinders.

Second, manual bleeding (which I assume you are doing, as opposed to pressure bleeding) of the power brake unit is not quite intuitive. The power brake unit is bled by opening the bleeder valve first, then depressing the brake pedal, then closing the bleeder, and finally releasing the brake pedal. And, third, the engine should not be running, and there should be no vacuum in the power brake unit.

Very recently, some friends were bleeding the brakes on a Packard Hawk, and couldn't get the brakes to bleed correctly. When they consulted an old time Studebaker mechanic (not me, I'm just old ), they were told the same thing -- bleed the brakes exactly per the shop manual. The bleeding was then done per the shop manual, and the brakes bled fine.

This may not be your issue -- you may be very aware of the procedure for bleeding the power brake unit. But it's a good reminder for others who are not aware of the correct procedure.

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