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Posted by HH56 on 2020/8/8 12:55:10
If the nut has a hole in one side it probably needs a spanner wrench. Those have a small prong on one end that fits in the hole and wraps around the nut for the leverage.

They come in various sizes so you would need to find something that both fits the diameter of the nut and has a pin that is the correct size for the hole. You might be able to make something that will work by bending a length of 1/4" square or 1/8 x1/4 rectangular metal into a semi circle of the proper diameter for the nut then drilling a hole in the end for a roll pin of the proper size to use for the prong. Depending on the nut's tightness the metal used would need to be thick enough not to bend when applying leverage. Some have also used channel lock pliers after carefully wrapping the jaws and the nut with tape to protect the chrome. Not the best idea because a sudden slip or tearing of tape and you could scratch the nut or fender.

If not, Amazon has some adjustable types like the one in the photo that might be small enough and you can often find used or sometimes inexpensive Chinese made sets on ebay.

Packard used the same method in attaching front antennas on some models as well as for various screw on type dash bezels.

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