Re: Headlight Switch Removal

Posted by HH56 On 2020/8/5 19:40:09
I believe the 57s use the same bezels and switches as a 55-6. If that is correct one of the regions in Southern California used to have some tools but the last repro I remember being offered was done by Troy who used to have Michiana Packards. I understand that business is no longer in operation so no idea if any other vendors or regions picked them up or have any of the ones already made.

It is a simple tool to make. You need a length of 1/4 hex stock or a 1/4 standoff about 1 1/2" long or a coupling nut. Some of the better local hardware stores may stock coupling nuts and there are some standoffs on ebay. The tool can can be made of aluminum or steel. Either will work but if you go with the local coupling nut the usual thread size of 4-40 or 6-32 can be 1/4 inch hex but that is not a given. You need to make sure the hex distance across flats is 1/4" and not 5/16" as is sometimes used on higher strength nuts.

You will need to drill using a 3/16 drill bit a hole thru the entire length so the switch shaft will be able to fit into the hole. I epoxied an old screwdriver handle on mine but that is luxury as you can slide just the hex piece over the shaft until it captures the internal bezel nut and turn it with a small wrench or pliers.

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